11 @Century Hotel

As a part of my life, travelling to overseas and staying at a local hotel will be a part and parcel of my life. This week of October when I ended my 2 weeks of examination and stress, I travelled to a nearby country, Malaysia. Staying at a good place and having some normal amenities is a crucial thing when you are overseas, am I right? Looking into Agoda for my hotel for my one day trip, I went across a hotel, 11 @Century. It was located at a strategic location which is just opposite KSL mall which provides essential needs and a variety of consumer goods.

Addressing the main thing about this review, I would definitely start with the very first thing when you step into a hotel. It is definitely the hotel lobby! Stepping in to the hotel of 11 @Century, I was utterly disappointed by it’s lobby as the sofa was badly torn and the feel of a hotel lobby isn’t there. Next, it would be customer service. I was served by a guy, which I forgotten his name. His attitude was atrocious and I believed he should know basic courtesy and attitude while serving customers. It took me almost 45 minutes to book in to the hotel due to some regulations which I have not met for the hotel and the supervisor had to issue the problem. He also did not serve me with a basic attitude that one should have while serving the customers. He did not find alternatively solutions and he gave me really atrocious attitude. While I suggest some alternatively to him, he did not bother to take in a word and he just follow what he thinks. Thankfully, I have a friend in Johor with me and he met the regulations of the hotel and thus, I successfully booked in.

Getting my room, I was super shock as I requested a high level for my room, he gave me the starting floor of a standard room and his reason was that there was a tour group and they have to accommodate them. In my mind I am thinking, ” Is their hotel that small that a small tour group need to occupy all the rooms from level  5 to level  10 and he said my room was the last room. I booked a high storey room thru Agoda before a tour group came in and they say they will follow what it’s on the booking, but in the end I was given the bottom floor room. Additionally, I did not book a standard room but instead a superior room. They told me that I booked a standard room from Agoda and they showed me the confirmation letter from Agoda from their side and I was utterly out of words as it shows Standard room but I paid for a superior room. I had never encounter such problem with other booking websites expect Agoda. The booking of 11 @Century hotel was the fourth time I had been given the worst room and the price was really too off.

When I got into my room, I stood rooted to the ground. It was so small and the design was totally off. When I pulled the curtain hopefully to get sunlight, to my surprise it was impossible. Not just my view was block, the view in front was totally off as well. I therefore did not expect anything more but a good network as the hotel is located at a strategic location and the price is really unacceptable. When I connected to the Wi-Fi, the speed was totally disappointing. When I download a app, WeChat, which is just less than 40MB, it took me an hour and 30 minutes or more. Uploading a photo to my Dropbox from my iPhone took me super long as well and my applications could not load at all and in the end, I resulted to wasting my money at a Internet SIM Card which cost me RM50.

When I went for the buffet breakfast that was provided by the hotel, I was utterly disappointed as there was a limited choices of food and it is not appetising at all and the food they provided for the guest can be simply found at any other budget hotel at SGD$40 in Malaysia while this hotel basic room cost approximately SGD$60 and above.

However despite all this bad things that the hotel fall upon me, I am still thankful about two things. Firstly, it was the cleaners for the room. When I called for them, they came to my room within minutes with the toiletries I needed. Secondly, it is the strategic location, of course! As a typical human, I will be out for shopping and I will go for night life. The hotel is not that far from a pub which I went at night and also, the KSL mall is just opposite and it was good for me to get my consumer goods and carry it back to my hotel without getting a taxi.

Overall, if you are looking into a good hotel with basic amenities without requesting them, I would recommend you to get the other hotels instead and do not consider 11 @Century Hotel. And also if you are looking for a hotel room for just a bed and shower, I as well do not recommend 11 @Century as it is overcharged for something like that. But if you are looking for a hotel JUST opposite KSL Mall, I would then recommend you this hotel as the price is what you paid for if you do not walk nor taking the taxi.