KSL Hotel & Resort

As it is the month of November right now, my visit to Johor had eventually increased. When you ask someone for a recommendation for a hotel stay in Johor, most people definitely will not miss out the hotel named, KSL Hotel & Resort. I was invited to stay along with my friends as my friends and I went to Johor for a birthday celebration.

When you check in the hotel, the first place you will enter will of course be it’s lobby. The lobby of KSL Hotel & Resort was gorgeous with the lighting and the sofa placed at the lobby. Our special request was quickly attended to by the receptionist and we have no delay when checking in to the room. Thumbs up!

The Wi-Fi that was built in at KSL Hotel & Resort always disconnect and my phone was always being prompt to login the Wi-Fi so that I could surf the Internet. TWO THUMBS DOWN!

Looking into the room, amenities in the room was well provided. However the cleanliness of the room was disappointing. There were strains of long hair present on the bed when the guys which stayed in the room are having short hair! Coming to another part that was bad about the room was the heater. When I turned the heat of the water to the maximum, it was still cold and there was a bad leakage of water.
When we called for housekeeping to have a change of the bedsheets, there was a very bad service attitude given to us. My friends and I was definitely pissed off by him as it was their fault that they didn’t clean the room properly and it wasn’t us which messed it and purposely demanding housekeeping in the middle of the night. My friends just need a comfortable and clean sleep which most people does and the price paid for is totally from what is given to us.

In the morning, my friends and I went down to their restaurant to have our breakfast. I was demand to pay a MYR$45 as the breakfast was only subjected to two person. Oh well, of course when you pay for something, you will definitely hope for something good. However, the variety of the food was so little compared to other hotels I have stayed before. Worst still, the food which I took was spoiled after exposing it to the open air for just minutes. After I had the breakfast, I puked in the washroom in the room cause the food was atrocious and was spoiled. I had bad stomachache thereafter and I have to visit the toilet very often.

On the day, I have to left in the morning back to Singapore as I have training in the afternoon. I was very weak by then when I am on my way back Singapore and need not to stay when I’m in school. I have to monitor myself over the days and if my condition turns bad, I will visit the doctor and I will definitely demand for compensation from KSL Hotel & Resort. Actually to be frankly speaking, they should right now refund me the amount I paid for the breakfast as well as the physical breakdown on me.

Overall, I believe it will only be worth staying if you have free vouchers as KSL Hotel & Resort is overpriced. There are many hotels available in Johor at a good rate and furthermore, having much more better services from the staff working for the hotel. You need not need to stay at KSL Hotel & Resort just because the shopping mall is down below. KSL shopping mall can be easily get to by bus in Johor for just MYR$2.