Queen of The South Resort

It was another exciting point of time again as I love travelling overseas and explore and yet, enjoying the hotel and resorts overseas. This time, I visited Jogjakarta with my mum and we decided to stay at this resort named Queen of The South. It has a deep history and I only found out after reading reviews and some history background of the resort online just not long ago before and after I stayed at the resort.

The resort is located all the way up at the hills and the location to town is way too far off. The road was bumpy and it was hard for cars to get to the resort. The bumpy road was caused by the earthquake which happened few years back. However, there was nothing much done to the road which was indeed a huge disappointment for me. When we entered the main gate before we could get to the resort, we are required to pay a entry fee and however, for the 4 days which I stayed there, I was required to pay them whenever I’m back again, passing the same gate. It was said that the money will then be handed to the government and reconstruct the road.

It was a blessing for me as I booked a superior room and not the standard room and the view from my doorstep was really nice. My room was facing the pool and the beach and my room was built in with a router itself which provide me with high speed internet connection compared to other hotels, which only offers a Wi-Fi connection which needs to be shared with the other residents in the hotel. The bath tube was huge and I enjoyed soaking myself in the bath tube. The staffs were well trained in terms of understanding the needs of the people when we asked them for certain stuff (e.g bath tower) and they can understand basic English which was a huge surprise to me as the people on Tripadvisor mentioned that they did not understand English.

However, coming into the bad point of the hotel room, there are many points which might let you not want to stay in the resort. The room was filled with many spiderwebs and dust around and there was countless stains present in the room and the floor was seem not to be swept or mopped for decades. There was flies flying all over my room and it was difficult for me as a person who is not used to having rural life insects in my room. There was lots of ants at the bath tube days after days and I have to clean the bath tube everyday when I need to use it. There was only one aircon which was working and the another was not functional as well as the fan. Thus, it was pretty stuffy for me at times in the room. The room does not come along with any mini fridge and my leftover food got to be thrown away and my beverages are left warm and not chilled.

Coming to the most critical point of time which most people would have in mind is the expenses. The cost for the spa treatments are highly priced inside the resort. The food and drinks are highly priced as well. Not to forget, this is actually a resort, but yet only the rich could afford most of it. The breakfast alone just merely cost USD$7.50 and beverages, for example soft drinks will cost you USD$2 which outside the hypermart or provision shop at most charges you for USD$0.90. For me, in my perspective, I believe that the room for the resort is highly priced as well. Very little amenities were provided, yet I was charged per night for USD$39-USD$56. On the last day of my stay, the cleaners did not came into the room at all and we had to clean the room ourselves. Actually, without the cleaners would also be fine because they only just tidy the bedsheets and clear the rubbish which I myself can also do.

Overall in general, I believe the place would be good for people who just wants to stay inside the resort and have no intention of going to any recreational activities or to the city for shopping experiences nor sightseeing. It would be a good resort for couples as it will be pretty peaceful and enjoyable just staying at the resort. But please take note to save some money before you go there if not you will really have nothing to do or eat at all.