Mellow Fellow Hostel

It was really fascinating for me to embark to Bangkok and my flight departed late at night after the day of Christmas. I was out on the streets looking for a residential near town area, Si Lom, as I planned my night activities around there. It was really tremendously hard for me to find a residential around as it was fully booked as it was the New Year season and I thus took the BTS and departed at a stop or two after. I roamed around the streets to find a residential until my eyes are caught on a poster! There was a hostel in just a two minutes walk away and I begun to ask the people around for directions to the hostel. Praise the Lord, there was a lady which I came across to know the directions and she led me to the hostel.

When I reached the hostel, I found out the boss wasn’t around and the reception desk was closed but however, there was two person which was sitting and talking in the common area, invited me in and let me stay in and then, I pay in the next morning. I really felt very blessed at that point of time as there was availability and  I’ve roamed around the streets with my baggage for hours and I was really drained by then. The hostel was opened for just two weeks from the time I stayed in. Everything was clean, brand new and the amenities provided was really good.

For the amount I’m required to pay for, I had never expect anything much but just a shelter. However, there was quite a few amenities provided for me like the fridge, water cooker, toiletries (soap and shampoo) and there was breakfast provided upon request but however, I never go for the breakfast. The shared toilet was really well maintained and the heater was really good for a hot shower. The bed which I slept for two nights was really comfortable and the aircon in the room was really windy!

I enjoyed my stay not just because of it’s cheap and comfortable and it’s near to the town area, however it was really a add on to the people who was staying with me! The people which I stayed with for two days was really awesome people and the friendship built was strong. One of them even shared with me how they organised trips as a group to visit different attractions in Bangkok to what they did! The life stories and jokes shared really boost the atmosphere in the hostel unlike the hotels which people always shut their room doors and enclose themselves. Everyone treated each other with respect and like one huge family.

Overall, the stay in Mellow Fellow Hostel was really great! Good location, shared amenities provided and awesome people and awesome boss! I really look towards another stay with this hostel! Cheers!