It’s been a long time since I’ve came back up and write up on a post but today, I’m doing something different from what I usually do. Today, I’ll write about a personal experience this fall.

Recently many people came up to me and talked to me about their relationship problems and all the circumstances which was standing in their way. I was hence touched to write about a post about my personal love story, the most recent one.

As you guys may know, I am partnered to someone which I knew at the start of the year. To me, my partner was a perfect person with a open heart and a open mindset. Our communication with each other daily on our social media is always a non-stop conversation despite the 7 hours time difference between us. However, there is a point I really melt down.

At the very start of our relationship, I made a promise to do well, in terms of my academic aspects and my worklife. I set numerous goals and targets to achieve by the end of the year to enable myself to fly to Germany for a whipping good holiday and to spent more time with my partner. Although I was tremendously stressed out by the workload every single day, his love for me kept on pushing me to achieve my goals. Love can really drive us to another new level that you and I won’t realise that we are capable of.