Coming into another espiode of this series, I’ll be writing about this specific part which is inspired by the problem usually you and I face. Communication. Communication is the key to a successful friendship to a successful stage of being boyfriends and girlfriends or to a successful marriage. Did you personally realise the effects  of words? The effects of words can last for a long time and it can goes down deep into someone’s soul and break someone up or mending someone’s heart.

To me, I believe in a relationship, one should always speak out of love and communicate heart to heart. In a relationship, personal sharing must be involved and not superficial. It can be done by sharing inner and deeper feelings with all of your Heart,Mind and Soul.

In many instances, I saw people breaking up with each other from a relationship due to strained communication. Usually it can be seen as one partner stop talking with the another or they just do not talk directly to each other and instead, they will find a third party to deliver a message.  Definitely in my relationship, I do have many times strained communications with my partner but how to revive our relationship due to the strained communiucations will always be the trouble you and I will face.

I am right now going to share with you 3 tips on how to reviving a strained relationship. Firstly, you have to identify the hurts and failures, or basically the cause of it. Everything happen for a reason. Secondly, you have to talk it out and repent over it. It is the most hardest thing to do yet the result of it is really very powerful. When one’s identify their own mistake and really to repent, the another party would then forgive. Thirdly, it is to forgive. I know you might ask why to forgive when you might be the done which did wrong and right now I’m going to tell you that you have to forgive yourself first in order to let others forgive you. Always there is a saying, “You have to love yourself first before you love others”. You got to get over the communication problem and learn from it and do not start again. This would then lead to a sustainable relationship.