Firstly, I would like to thank you for your tremendous support in the midst of me coming out with new articles upon articles and viewing them and giving your support. Today, I will be writing something that I just came across when I am in the midst of planning what to write for my newest article and so, I’ll talk about it today.

Perpetual Problems

Perpetual problems always stem from dreams unaddressed or not respected and gridlock is a sign that dreams are unaddressed or not respected.

Gridlock. What is the word ‘gridlock’ define as? It is defined as being stuck in a frustrating situation and no progress can be made – which kills relationships. It is very often caused by rejection, condemnation, and emotional disengagement. You might ask how to cope it then. Very simply, just move from Gridlock to Dialogue which is to learn to talk with no condemning etc.

How to deal with perpetual problems then? You got to understand the cause and then work on it – knowing what your partners wants in life.

Step 1: Be a “Dream Detective”

Step 2: Communicate thoughts and feelings clearly and honestly

Step 3: Find the gridlock then “declaw” the issue by separating

  1. issues that we can’t give in to
  2. issues that we can be flexible about

Step 4: Honoring Dreams

  1.  be understanding and interested
  2. offer financial support for the dream
  3. be a part of the dream

This will create a sense of shared meaning and a relationship can hence be sustained.

Shared meaning – two soul mates become one by creating inner life together