Many of my foreign friends came forward to me the past few months and been seeking advise on the living expenses in Singapore, and thus I am very inspired and motivated to start on this new chapter, “Living in Singapore”. Growing up in Singapore has been a challenge for my family and I over the decades. The rising cost of living in Singapore have forced many elderly members in Singapore to retire as late as in their 70s or even their 80s. Fortunately, my grandmother managed to retire in her 60s. However putting it up front, life wasn’t easy for her too. Every month was a challenge for my family.

My family consist of my grandmother, my aunt, my mother and I. My mother is just the sole breadwinner for the family and it has been tough over the past few years especially when my mum shifted out of my grandmother place to seek a new life. My aunt is currently staying outside due to some situation and the monthly cost is really high but due to the subsidies given by the government, the huge pile of financial stress is thus reduced.

I recalled when I was in my age of 7 to 12 years old, every night my grandmother and I will head to the market. Definitely we are not there to shop because the shops are all close at night but to pick up soda cans which people throws them away after consuming the drinks. We collected also newspaper and metal tins to sell them to the recycle companies for a hand full of money when the amount collected is huge. Recycle companies do not come to my house to collect them but through the sweat of my grandmother effort of pushing the heavy load of up to 50kg to the ‘nearest’ recycle company factory which is about 2km away from the house.  <Alright, let me continue this in another episode.>

Now let’s come into the calculation of expenses to maintain a normal lifestyle if you are a foreign friend staying in Singapore, assuming your expenses is a very average person expenses and there are 30 days in a month.

Flat Rental for a normal condo: $2900/month

Groceries for breakfast and snacks: $150/month

Electricity and Water bills: $200/month

Lunch and Dinner: $600/month

Phone bills: $70/month

Shopping for basic needs: $100/month

Transport: $180/month

Average in total: $4200

I believe there are many other areas which I have not taken into account. Then what about a luxury life in Singapore? How much would it be then? To me, I really could not give a real figure but what I could say that once you lack behind in Singapore, you are being tagged by people as a low class people down here and people will always tend to despise them. The reality is really sad.

However in Singapore, the poor families are able to apply for financial assistance through many different schemes provided for the Singaporeans. As for all my foreign friends, my huge apologies but you really have to work hard in order to survive your way through in Singapore.

Living in Singapore have it’s pros and cons. Stay tune to my following episodes for more!