Hmm, where do I start and where do I end? Perhaps, let me start by introducing myself as a person who loves to travel and explore the world. It has been a fascinating time for me as a person after years of travel, solo or with friends or family. When I travel solo, I always look out of the transparent window which is right beside me. wondering what my future holds. It’s always been a tough time for me to give this question an answer neither to an end. As for me, I would seek for an answer by looking around my surrounding. During a long plane trip, I would have my sets set on the windows, looking into the fluffy clouds and thinking how high I can sore in life like how an eagle spreads its’ wings for the skies. During a walk along the streets, I set my eyes on how people cared for one another, how people communicate, and how they have so little, yet enjoying life to the fullest.

Crossing over the borders had let me expands my contacts. But in the expense of it, it has also grew me as a person. I don’t just grew in my knowledge about another culture but also, in my senses and thinking. In my trip to Indonesia, I realised how lives were so easy, how pure were people’s heart and how nice someone could be. On the other hand, through my trip, I realised how cunning people could be. Whenever I look back to my homeland or any other countries, I realised that it is not where you are at but who you are meeting with.

For example, person A and person B are both handicap. Person A chose to live his life fully without any complains, but person B chose to give excuses to every situation he faces. Sometimes, yes, it is the surrounding that built us up to who we are but we can also choose to make our lives different.

It makes me appreciate all the one who cares for me, loved me wholeheartedly and respected me for who I am and built me up as who I am today. Without them, my life would just be a glass that is not filled with enriching water. In this blog post, I would like to specially give thanks to my mother, my grandmother, my partner, my lovely teachers and my utmost supportive friends for being there with me and creating memories that nothing can be replaced with. totally priceless. You guys have taught me to be a better person. Thank you once again.