Education in Singapore

Greetings! Feeling awesome to be back on my WordPress writing to you again! As where I had left off the previous part of my new chapter, I would like to continue and deliver something I have been pondering upon the past few weeks in the midst of my finals. Thus, todays’ topic I’ll be writing will be my education in Singapore for the past decade or so.

Growing up in Singapore, I definitely felt privilege to be able to grant myself with education compared to children and teenagers whom are born with the same ability and desire, yet sitting in a refugee camp or simply, unable to be enrolled into education. Growing up in Singapore has eventually let me took the education system for granted. Upon self-reflection, I really got to thank my parents for letting me to be born in Singapore.

Singapore schools, taking for example of a secondary school education for instance, has provide a wide range of learning opportunities for all.

Combine Humanities

History, for example, has taught me many life values to skills which I can apply in todays’ world where propaganda to leaders associating with the country is everywhere, trying to brainwash people with false statements. It has also taught me how to determine whether a source is reliable and useful in the circumstances of a political issue which is happening.

However, social studies, a subject that is compulsory for all Singaporeans to take in their secondary schools has brought me into this world of thinking why. In my opinion, there are really a lot of answers to it, be it positive or negative.


Social Studies taught Singaporeans on how Singapore has developed over the decades with the skills that the leaders used to built up Singapore from a third world country to a first world country, with the international community singing praises and recognition. Yet there are many chapters/topics, for instance like Healthcare in Singapore, has really woken me up from the reality. They mentioned about Medisave, Medishield and the most importantly, CPF. It has came to me as a thought that it is trying to brainwash the students how good is Singapore healthcare system and why do we need to contribute to the system called “CPF”.

System of “CPF

Not long ago, there was a blogger who wrote about the system of “CPF” and he was being sued by the prime minister. Did he wrote something wrong or false accusation about how the government operates? Roy Ngerng Yi Ling is a Singaporean activist and blogger. Roy Ngerng Yi Ling started his sociopolitical blog, The Heart Truths, in 2012 and he was found guilty in October 2014 of defaming Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore in a blog post. Does Roy Ngerng knows how the CPF system in Singapore operates? I don’t know. Neither do I know how the government made use of the CPF system (in which how much was really use for the healthcare system in Singapore for the citizens).

(Back to) Social Studies

I, as a Singapore student enrolling into a neighbourhood secondary school for 4 years, has been pondering at the thought, the thought that whether Singapore is a democratic society or …. we are in a communist country. For instance, North Korea, people have to sing praises to the leaders of the country and most importantly, there is no freedom of speech, here in Singapore too.

What is your take on Singapore education system? I really can’t deny how Singapore education system has changed me as a person, to someone with wisdom and knowledge. But the highlight of Social Studies in Singapore…..

Does Singapore has a space for us to have the freedom of speech? Is Singapore a real democratic country with an open mind? Your take.