Succeeding in life? It’s sounds easy but seem tough. It sounds like a joke but ending up, whats the fruit bear? Real success or just a dream. Success > Dream will just be that effort and planning that most people think it’s the key to it. But wait a moment, is it just that? Nope, real actions and energy spent is one of the most important key to success, I’ve found.

Let’s take for example, a student want to achieve his goals and dreams of achieving A1 for his weakest subject, would it just be that effort put in without strategic planning? What if both strategic planning and effort is placed in but without real actions? What if strategic planning, effort and actions placed in but no determination is in. Will it bring forth a successful results? What’s your take? 

Right now bringing back to what I found in Bangkok, walking down the aisle of the busy streets through the city night and day, many no matter young or old are entrepreneurs. You may ask, entrepreneurs of what. The answer is entrepreneurs to success. They fought day in and day out working on streets sales to earn a sustainable living. 

However, why can’t Singaporean be the entrepreneurs to success? In such a city in Singapore, I’ve realised to be the entrepreneur to success is just by one straight path, a profession of something that contributes to the country.  There’s limitation to how and what you can make through the streets in Singapore. 

In my trip, I have realised how much importance of all the four keys to being a entrepreneur to success are. Right now, I’m sharing it with you but will you take into actions? Your decision making will now lead you to somewhere.