Travel For FREE

  • ” Is it even possible? “
  • ” Does it require much planning? “
  • ” What do I need to check out? ”

There are certainly tons of questions that is running through your mind when it comes to things that are FREE, be it whether there are strings attached to it. Certainly, you don’t have to be afraid of it. My method would guarantee you to travel for FREE. However, certain region works differently so this post might be dedicated to a certain group of you guys. I apologise for that.


Right, you have seen it! Look at how much points do you need to ‘redeem’ to travel! It may seem pretty huge amount to you guys, but IT’S NOT! A normal redemption to such places would probably be starting on from 4,500 points to 6,000 points using AirAsia BIG member or the loyalty program.

Certainly, you have to look out for periods where sales of flight seats starts coming and redeem them very quickly, especially for flights to popular places with beautiful and classy airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Emirates. It have came to a point that you definitely got to book your flights earlier in order to achieve the goals of cheap redemption.

But if you always do travel last minute then how? Definitely, you can still travel for free! The only way to play the game is to accumulate tons and tons of miles and points! Check the airlines – if they partnership with any companies such as phone telcos and hotel booking websites.


For Airasia loyalty program partners list, please visit:

Luckily for me, I found out that my service provider allows me to converts my telco reward points to miles. This hence allow me to travel for FREE!


From the 13th November to 15th November, I would be having a small vacation in Ho Chi Minh City for FREE! The ONLY thing that I can’t avoid to pay is the taxes.

Everything is possible! You just go to do some research and some planning! I believe you are right now doing so because you are reading my article! I hope that this article has opened up your mind and get pumped up for your next vacation trip with your loved ones or even just a good solo getaway. Stay tune for more great articles!