Travel on budget, yet premium.

This is really awesome for people who wants to travel on Business class.You can buy points thru the numerous amount of online trading platform. For example, eBay, Craigslist. And the list goes on.


There are numerous amount of people whom travels a lot due to work commitment and they want to sell off the points accumulated! This way, you do not need to buy expensive tickets but you can use the points to travel.

For instance, a flight back and forth Sydney Business class would be 100,000 miles for Singapore Airlines. When you work out some simple math, you would need to buy the miles at only SGD$2200 from the seller who is selling the points. But on the other hand, if you pay for the tickets, it would have cost you a fortune. A whipping amount of SGD$8000 to SGD$10,000.

Everything is possible! You just go to do some research and some planning! I believe you are right now doing so because you are reading my article! I hope that this article has opened up your mind and get pumped up for your next vacation trip with your loved ones or even just a good solo getaway. Stay tune for more great articles!