First Impression: Huge thick menu when I asked for the menu, LOTS of food choices available! Both in Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian available, separated menu!

Paid 99,000 for the Costolettza Milanese which was pork served with spaghetti. It was my very first time that I have seen spaghetti in the colour of ham! Really amazing and taste great! However, the sauce was on the top of the pork instead of the spaghetti.. 

The food was pretty fine. But do note that there is no aircon available but fans. However, if you have your meal in the night time, it would be fine.

Before I left the restaurant, I visited the toilet. Out of my expectations, the toilet was really clean with toilet paper and water pipe available! No squatting toilet too, phew! 

Overall, it is really a good place! Down the street, you have 2 pubs/clubs too!