Lunch Place: NewZone Food Court.

First Impression: Limited Food stores but variety of food in each stores. Food Court is very clean! The food court has unique card of its own which you have to top up to purchase food.

Went for: Seafood Kim Chi Hot Pot (Store Name: LÂU CÔNG CHÚA) and also 7up (Store Name: NQ JUICE BAR).

Price: 70.000 (Hot Pot) + 25.000 (7up)

Overall feeling of the hot pot: Not worth it. Lots of vegetables which I don’t eat (but forgotten to let them know) but only 2 small prawns, 2 small slices of frozen fish and 2 pieces of squid. However, the soup was great due to the job of the Kim Chi which brought out flavor to the soup!

In all, the food prices in Vietnam shopping mall food court is comparable to the prices in Singapore shopping mall food court. The food variety in Singapore shopping mall food court however is much better than of Vietnam shopping mall food court. Both are equally clean!