Piority: The Bed

Comfortable king size bed with comfortable and big pillows! Just right below the aircon, comfortable and good sleep at night! 

Extra: A bible is inside the cupboard, right below the lamp. 

2nd Piority: Bathroom

The toilet was pretty fine, nothing much unique expect for a stone wall inside the shower room (photo wasn’t shot). 

Basic toiletries are provided – Shampoo, Shower Gel, Conditioner, Moisturizer. Shower Cap and Soap. However, shaver and toothbrush (and toothpaste) are not provided (in hotels in Australia).

Extra tower and toilet paper was available in the cupboard below the sink, thumbs up!

3rd priority: Work Desk

Work desk is available along with a network cable. The old generation iPhone music dock is available too! A small size television with extra channels are available.

For your information: The network provided via the network cable is chargeable too if you are not a Acord member. Different package charges differently. 

Last piority: Balcony

My room was facing the woods. Very silent, but there’s flies at night! A bottle of insect repellent is made available inside the closet! 

For smokers, it is the only place for them to turn to to smoke as smoking inside the room is prohibited.