First Impression of the room: Simple and Easy.

Bright light coming in to the room from the balcony window to light up the room, making the room lively.

There were painting on top of the bed which makes the room look big (actually it is) and more lively.

However, the door to the balcony was however dead, lifeless. No design, and it just look fixed.

Also, the chair beside the balcony door feels very lifeless too as nothing comes along with it. No table or another chair. 

As seen in the picture, the aircon is situated above the sink area. It’s pretty nice if you are lying on the bed for a good sleep but if you are working on the working desk, IT’S TERRIBLE! It’s pretty warm when I was working for 15 minutes as the air flow is terrible.

There was a box of different kind of tea bags. Not to miss out, coffee too! Really love the selection of the tea bags, especially the brand, TWININGS, was my favorite!

Constant light from the outside continues to saturate the room too when you are doing clean up at the sink.

The balcony was one of the worst I have seen. As well, only a single lonely chair placed. So dead and lifeless.

The window was fixed and unable to open. Fresh air is impossible. If you are intending to smoke, NO! Smoking is prohibited in the rooms in Australia!

For a city man like me, looking at the traffic is fine. But if you are here for a silent and peaceful vacation or rest, this is a NO NO!