Why is there a review 2B? Are they the same hotel? 

Yes, it is the same hotel in Newcastle. There’s a review 2B as I got a room upgrade! Yes, a room upgrade! 

They just did up some maintenance work and the room has a smell that was leftover. The staff prepared the room keys when we called her up for assistance and handed us the key upon mentioning about the maintenance work before I checked in.


Phew, look! The room is just gorgeous! The sunlight coming in from the balcony! Yes, the nice amazing balcony!

The room is accompanied with a table and two chairs which enables me and someone to have a chit chat or discuss work together! Wonderful!

The work desk has a pretty decent amount of work space and the aircon is within the work desk compared to the previous room! 

The toilet seems to remains as it is. There is not a much difference from the previous room. 

The balcony is being accompanied with a table and two chairs! Phew, yes! Finally a complete set! 

It has an amazing view and when the night is chilly, you can sit out and enjoy the good weather!

However, sadly, the balcony has only one small light pointing down to the no smoking sign at the end of the wall. It would be better if they have at the ceiling! 

Overall, it has been great staying at the Apollo International Hotel. Wonderful staff, great service and last but not least, affordable price!