Well, it is my forth day back in Singapore. Hmm, I sound like I just came back from a long trip. I don’t know – how many more days am I going to stay here in Singapore and continue the way of life I’m used to. It is rather complicated – be it the pace of life and my commitment to my family and work.

Finally, I went on something which my hearts tells me to. And, it is to go for a long walk. I started off from the Railway Mall after finishing my dinner. As I walk and walk, my mind just clear off from everything. The feeling of abandoning down everything (the stress and commitment and also, distractions) is really… really… The peace in the soul just arouse in me.

I don’t know how come I came so far in life – in terms of my expectation of living and my situations in my life. Every day of my life is just rushing and rushing. No slowing down. I remembered when I was in Australia and my friend(s) always told me to slow down and everything is okay. But my replied was, “I can’t.”. Today, finally, I took my step to slow down. I sat down under the bridge where homeless people slept. The breeze swept across my face. I lied down and looked up. At that blank space. I shut my eyes as I listen and felt the light wind sweeping across me.

In every journey of life, a break is needed. Like machines, they need a rest. The stress needs to take a stand and that is to back off. It is so refreshing today, something that I have missed all the time.

Life is beautiful.