Welcome myself to the Silverkris lounge by Singapore Airlines in Sydney International Airport!

Yes, my journey to Singapore starts from here! It was really a very long walk from the immigration point to the lounge/gate! Finally I’ve made it!

Checked in the lounge at about 12.40pm. Phew, finally I could take a break and enjoy some food and drinks!
Champagne time! But sadly, there isn’t any champagne so I went for the sparkling wine.

What not to miss? Of course is the champagne! Although I love red wine and champagne but after all, sparkling wine is great to end my vacation! So why not?

My view for the next 3 hours before boarding!

Looking out at the clear skies! But not long after, there was a storm. Storm alert was on and once boarded the flight, the flight was delayed. To wait for the clearance from the storm alert.

Time to board the plane!

Well, as I was in the business class, I enjoyed the priority lane! No queue, fast boarding! There was two different lanes too for the different level of the aircraft!

My seat for the next 8 hours!

Look at the bottom left! Charging ports are built-in for passengers to recharge their gadgets! Cool!
Shoutout to this air steward and all the other flight crew!

Fortunately for me, all the time I flew by Singapore Airlines, I am in Business class! However, what I didn’t know was the tough job behind serving the passengers! The flight crew studied each and everyone’s name in their seats! Mind blown! They really did a fantastic job!

Time to serve out the meal!


Main course with a glass of Shiraz

Desert with some fruits!

Stairs to the first storey deck! Suites and economy class!

My comfortable seat which has a “built in bed”

Refreshments, 1.5 to 2 hours before landing

Home Sweet Home! Waiting for my bags!