To be frank, I really don’t know how many days has past by since the time I came home. The time I touched down in Singapore from a long holiday. I really have no idea how I’m going to write the remaining of this blog.

Another week has just pass, with a blind of an eye, really. I am confused. I don’t know how much did I done over this week. It seems like nothing has been done, yet my schedule has been seen so tight. Today, being a Sunday, I went to church as usual. The place where I called it as my second home as it was my a place that my pillar of support is present other than being home. I do not know what is missing but I find no words or song to express it. But it was a time that I was awaken in my soul miraculously.

And 19 December is when I will be collecting my results. Thinking of it led me to reflect what happened along the coast of this year. The struggles, the happiness, the sadness and all the other emotions and situations. There were so many things that happened along the coast of this year. I really need endless nights to think and type it out.

I found there were so many I need to change in the coming year. But I won’t change in the coming year, but now. As a saying goes, “If you carry forward the bad, it will remain the same.”. It my turn to make a step to change, and what about you?