Today was the day I’m waiting for. For the past month. To shift to a new place. Well, it’s 12.59am now as I’m writing this post. I really can’t describe the feeling I am having now. But my soul inside my body is crying. Not because I love the place and I will miss it when I moved out, but it is one of the thing I would be doing as I progress. To move out of Singapore to pursue my education abroad.

I took out each and every piece of my clothing from the hanger and folded them neatly, one by one. The feeling then arouse in me. The feeling of going away from ‘home”.

(11pm update; after shifting)

Hours and hours passes by and slipped off my hand without me even noticing. Boxes and boxes of items stacked up as time passes. And finally, it was 6pm! The time to draw the keys for the new apartment. There is this feeling in me of sweetness inside my heart – a brand new place, a brand new story. But however, will it be the same feeling if I take up my step and head abroad to further my studies. That being aside, being able to adapt and forgo many things is a key to moving to somewhere I will call “Home” next.

The rain started to fell as I begin to close the door of my new apartment and planning to head back home to transport my stuff over. I looked up the skies and think, “Would that be the tears from my eyes as I move abroad.”. In all, it was a very tiring experience after all the moving and settling down. I know one day, I will have to do all these again. But how am I going to treat it would be the key.