Firstly, let me wish all of you Merry Christmas! And secondly, let me thank all of you for your overflowing greetings over my social media! To me, Christmas is not just a festive season, which I meant just shopping, eating and social gathering. But it is the time to celebrate the Birth of Christ. 

As a Christian in Christmas, I attended my church Christmas service. There’s really nothing much more than me realising so much things I have done wrong over the year of 2016 and to seek for a new change. Being selfish, self-centred and unable to take in constructive criticism.

There is this 4 points that I want to share over this post that Christ has impacted me.

  1. Christ(mas) overcomes Fear of inadequacy 
  2. Christ(mas) overcomes Fear of disapproval 
  3. Christ(mas) overcomes Fear of unexpected changes
  4. Christ(mas) overcomes Fear of Disappointment

In life, there are always these 4 points of fear that we feel. Inadequacy, Disapproval, Unexpected Changes and Disappointment. Especially, people like me that grew up to be competitive or in a competitive environment , I always feel those 4 points.

No matter what religion or believe you’re in, definitely you will experience at least 1 out of the 4. How did you overcome the fear of it? 

It took me a long while to really surrender myself in these 4 points. My countless stories needs endless pages and nights to recount all of them. But have you figure out on your way out of the fear of Inadequacy, Disapproval, Unexpected Changes and Disappointment?