Alright, I didn’t want to bring this up but things are getting worse day after day and this needs to be improve! 

Ok, my mum love the pizza with cheesy crust so we ordered a Magherita pizza with the “cheesy crust”. Forgotten what it’s called. But basically on the menu it states that it is made of mozzarella cheese. In the end, I tasted it as eggs inside the crust inside of cheese! Same with my mum. We are terribly upset with this!

Following up, look at the photo! The toppings on top of the “bread” is just one small thin topping. It’s so pathetic. It’s like just eating bread. This definitely shows that the cheese used was bare little. Cutting cost to the maximum. 

Alright moving on, I’m a person that does not love to consume much sweet drinks especially on the days I’m exercising. Hence, I’m expecting plain water. Usually, once I sat down, plain water will be served but not this time and also the previous visit with my mum. I got to ask the staff to serve it out. Expecting some ice as it’s called “ice water” but there isn’t. It’s lukewarm! Hmmmmm….

Overall, I really do not know why I’m paying for such a experience. It’s totally not worthwhile and in the future, if I do not have any events or gathering here, I will not turn into Pizza Hut for Pizza or mainly, Food.