I don’t know how to start but the whole start of 2017 was really terrible. Being sick, to friend’s phone being pickpocket which contains my ID and also the slippers at the corridor of my house being stolen.. I have no words to express my feelings. 

Today, 07/12/2016, I had a staycation with my church connect group members. And something caught my eyes when my body was about to tore apart. The energy, the strength and the pure mind of a kid. I startled for a momen and started to reflect.

I recalled myself being like them, so youthful and playful. Simple and Easy, no worries. Nothing. But as I turns years and years older, many things had impacted me to have a change in life. The mindset of fame and status has impacted me the most even until today. Be it working hard for it or starting to make use of contacts to grow my status.

Sometimes I think, by making up a lie could make one more influential or making big bucks, why don’t I? But can I answer my own conscience? No matter how hard I’ve tried, I just cannot answer myself to what I’ve did. I’m really tired of trying to be someone else I’m not.

I believe you must had a experience like this or even now. Are you going to go on like that or make a change? Can you live off with your conscience? You listen and answer to your own heart.