The start of a new month of a new year has began. Many things had happened at the start of this year and I am sure there will be more to come. Many tough decision making, many ups and downs in my financial situation, management of my school timetable and commitment and many others. As I’m on my flight bound for Bangkok, I looked down the window. Clear blue skies and clouds. Looking straight up again, I found out something on the wings of the aircraft. The unique sticker at the end of the wings.
“The unique sticker at the end of the wings” symbolizes the airline I’m flying with. What’s so special about it? I questioned myself upon my life – “What’s so special about myself?”. Everyone is bound to have something special about themselves, but whether is it going to be a positive or negative one (to impact our lives), that would be the choice we make by ourselves. And whether we would like to use this as an opportunity is also a choice that we need to make by ourselves.
My main message here is very simple – what choices we make will define us from the rest. Today, have you made up your mind, whether to remain where you are at, to be who the world wants you to be or will you create your own story of your own and be a success of your self.