Growing up in Singapore, I was instilled by the fundamental of family. One Male and One Female must be married, have children and so on. Never in my childhood days I’ve heard of the phrase, “gay marriage” or the word, “equality”.

When I grew older and older, I didn’t felt a sense of belonging in Singapore. The very fact was that I was being judged firstly due to the fact that I do not have a father figure at home. Secondly, my social status was way below what the world is expecting. Thirdly, there were oppression and laws set on Singapore ground. I had never ever felt so restrained and having tears overwhelming my eyes day in and day out of my normal life and even right now, writing this post.

The first time I ever heard of gay rights was when I was 15. I was still very curious what was it, and when I discovered what it was, I knew something deep down in my heart, this is unacceptable in Singapore context.

Having years just passed by so swiftly in a blink of an eye, PinkDot 2017 is coming! But this time round with a huge twist from the previous years. No foreigners are allowed, international sponsorship were not allowed and security/ID checks is going to be done.

My thoughts were very simple; people can love each other privately in their lives. But now my perception has changed. With my world view, having Singapore as a first world country, yet having its door shut against the LGBT community, how can TRUE love builds? The meaning of TRUE love is when people truly accepts for who you are, and love you for no matter what decision you make.

I’m just in a lost of words to describe how I’m feeling in a society (Singapore) that constantly strives to be the top by limitation in the use of penalty codes/law. 

Boundaries upon boundaries set against TRUE love. Goodbye, my love.