Never had I expected it to come. There’s always a phrase, “In this circle, you have to learn to let go.”. It was indeed true only in exceptional cases. But sadly, I’m not in the exception. It came through in a hard way. I had tried to just ignore it until more things prove to me I was wrong and others was right.

Lady Gaga have this song named “Million Reasons” and always I told myself, “I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away. But baby, I just need one good one to stay.”. There were many things that changed right after the re-location. Is it because I can’t provide what you always wanted and someone else would? Is it because I am somewhere far away? Lots of questions pop out in my head as I’m writing this, but I do not find any answers other than those people whom you’re going with it’s captivating and also fake. As fake as make-up.

You had went through a difficult season, I’ve stayed on and held on tightly. I had never tried letting go. But on the another end, you had lose the battle.

I never regretted at all because I had my eyes opened up in that one year, I had learned many things in life and many opportunities had me over. Also, this serve as a wake-up call for me to rise up even more and higher. And as for you, you live your life. “Regret later” is two words for you. I know your past and as much as I want to help you to avoid it, you’re going in again making it the present.

Thank you for your presence (March 2016 – June 2017)