It has been a long time since I am back onto my site and to update something. The past 5 months of school had got me real busy and as I came to an end for the semester, I went through some reflections and after much consideration along side with many questions on how college life was, I intended to come up with this article.

If you are not in college, you might be thinking that college is rather easygoing and making friends and having will be something present cause there are no boring modules you got to take, no limitations on what to wear and also, the freedom and access to many other things which other’s do not have. Well, I thought of this when I was in the years of my high school but, I was wrong.

There was a lot going on in college, not to mention, in my class (for sure). Backstabbing, competition, cliques are just part and parcel of college life like in high school and university. But also, basic respect has gone down the drain or firstly, not even established in the first place.

One short story; There was a project that needed a quick submission as the dateline was just in a couple of days and thus, I sent out a Whatsapp message to get the attention of my classmates to form up into teams to start on the project. However my classmates read the message and just ignored it. Seems like they do not know what is respect. When I “threaten” to put them into groups, one of my classmate (“B”) came up to me and try to have me to put people “B” dislike with the people that would not be cooperative for the project. One word to sum it up, “backstab“.

I am not well liked or highly favoured and I am not in any cliques or have any best buddies in class but one thing I am sure of is as far as you hate me or detest me (to my classmates reading this), I am still here and it’s either you make your life easier by having some form of respect for me and others or else, you will get a tough time of your own.

As far as I concerned about my stand when you read it (be it as you are my classmate or haters), I am here to compete with you like other people does. In this society, there are competition and the ultimate way of victory is through methods. To my classmates that hates me, get a life. To others who are concerned, I am doing good.

Sometimes all people need it’s just a push to drive them to their limits.