Why do I say that it is a journey? Well, let’s look into a new start up for a clear example. With the saying “life is not a smooth sailing journey”,100% guaranteed, owners of a new start up will face setbacks and also many disappointment. But what makes it a journey is the picking up and moving on.

Often than ever, many people step into the game of being an entrepreneur to think that its all about the fame and wealth. Often what people missed out its the setbacks and disappointments they will face during the journey.

I remembered the time when I first set up my e-commerce when I was barely 14 years old. There were so many questions that I was posted – whether I will be able to make it in school and the marketplace, whether I will be able to profit from it and many more. Well, I couldn’t say that I faced many setbacks during that time. But now, probably. The rise of consumer power where its the product looking for customers to the growing supply in the market where it pushes down my margin profit and the drop in demand in the section i’m targeting.

But will I stop? No. And I hope to inspire you to step out and make your life a wonderful one. As the saying goes, “Life is a one time pass”. Any ideas you have, don’t be afraid to put it out. Be bold. Be willing to fall, but most importantly, picking up after your fall and I believe you will grow in this journey!